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595 Worcester Street,
Natick, MA 01760

In-Home Measuring & Decorating Services


 Let Innuwindow Take the Worry and Uncertainty out of Choosing Window Treatments for Your Home

        • Our decorators will visit your home, ask the right questions, and help choose the right products.
        • We’ll take accurate measurements and advise you of any issues or limitations you’ll encounter .
        • Innuwindow will create high quality window treatments that fulfill your vision and needs

We offer a free shop at home service to ensure that your new window treatments fit your specific needs and expectations. At Innuwindow, we aim for our products to exceed your expectations. Our design specialists will get to know your vision and functional needs and then create a custom solution.

What Can Our Professional Designers Do for You?

At Innuwindow, we do more than just sell window treatments. First, we offer a huge selection of blinds, shades, shutters, fabric, drapery, and hardware. Our experienced staff knows which questions to ask so you can focus on solutions and designs that are right for you and your home. Our large showroom is a great place to start, however, we offer a free shop-at-home service as well. Our designer will come to your home, take accurate measurements, and help you choose the window treatments that best meet your needs. Whether you need privacy, sun control, insulation, or something to add color and vibrancy to your room, we’ll have the solution. Other companies send swatches - Innuwindow sends a decorator.

Contact us or visit our Natick showroom and experience the Innuwindow difference.

Why Should You Take Advantage of Our Professional Measuring?

Correctly measuring for a window treatment is more than just reading a tape measure. Take the hassle and worry out of the process and let our professional and skilled team gather the exact dimensions to create the perfect window treatment for your home. Before your custom treatments are created, our knowledgeable staff will come to your home and properly measure your windows. An Innuwindow staff member will take accurate measurements noting any unique architectural features or limitations such as moldings, doors, and radiators which might affect the installation and function of your new window treatments. Our Innuwindow staff-member will discuss, with you, where to mount your new window treatments depending on your needs and desires. Let Innuwindow take the hassle and worry out of choosing and ordering new window treatments.

Interested in our design services? Contact our designers today!