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 Child Safety

Child safety is a major concern to us at Innuwindow.  We feel that all products we sell should be mounted in such a way that a child is in no danger of strangulation or harm.  Drapery panels and curtains should always be mounted on rods and hardware that is secured from falling down and harming anyone, whether adult or child.  Top treatments such as cornices and valances should always be secured to the brackets.  We take pride in the conscientiousness of our installation team in making sure window treatments we install are secure.

The dangers of lift cords on shades and blinds have been a concern within the window coverings industry for many years and manufacturers have worked closely with the Consumer Products Safety Council in improving standards for child safety.  Innuwindow has been selling cordless products for over fourteen years.  These mechanisms virtually eliminate the risk of strangulation.  Each year more and more products become available with a cordless option as new mechanisms become available.  All other shade products are available with a loop cord which must be secured by a cord tensioner.  Products purchased with standard lift cords are packaged with a cord cleat which must be installed.  Innuwindow installers are required to install safety devices on all occasions.

Of course child safety should be of concern to everyone.  Most products around the house can be a hazard to children and great care should be given to crib placement and play area location.  Smart product design and a bit of thought can eliminate child safety issues in most cases.     

  • We also provide safety devices with every window treatment we send out so the cords / chains cannot become loose and become strangling hazards. To comply with child safety standards, all continuous loop tension devices must be installed per the installation instructions provided with the device.
  • Each shade is sent out with a safety warning to further drive the message home to parents to make sure they are doing their part in keeping their homes as safe as possible. According to the Window Covering Manufacturers Association, Inc. all labels must not be removed from the product.
  • Never place a crib, playpen, bed or any type of low-standing furniture near a window. In exploring their surroundings, young children can accidentally fall through an open window or window screen, or become tragically entangled in a nearby shade cord.
  • Whenever possible, place cribs and furniture on a non-window wall.

Should you have any additional concerns over existing window treatments or a future purchase you can contact our customer service team 508-650-9922.