Choosing the Right Window Treatments for Doors

Sliding and french doors, or doors with windows, can showcase great views while allowing natural light to enter a home. Unfortunately they also can lead to less privacy for your home than you desire. While window treatments for doors are a simple solution to this issue, deciding on which treatment is best for your doors can be overwhelming. Learn more about choosing, measuring and hanging the best window treatments for your doors today from the experts at Innuwindow!

Choosing a Window Treatment for French Doors

What are the best window treatments for doors- Innuwindow

Enhance the beauty of your French doors and the room’s decor by matching your French doors’ window treatment with other window treatments in the room. One of the most common problems when treating Sliding and French doors is that their handles and locks get in the way of the window treatment’s functionality, especially when considering blinds. There are many solutions to this problem. One might be to choose shallow blinds or window treatments that can comfortably fit between the door and its handle. Many treatments also can mount on the frame of the opening.

What are the Best Window Treatments for French Doors?

With French doors, there’s typically a 1” clearance that most 1” blinds, roller shades and honeycomb shades can comfortably fit behind the handle without interrupting functionality. The best window treatments for your French doors depends on the amount of light you want to let in. If you are looking to be able to block out light completely, the best options are blackout roller shades or honeycomb shades. If you prefer some natural light to be able to come through, blinds or light filtering shades are better options.

Choosing Window Treatment for Sliding Doors

When choosing window treatments for sliding doors, it’s a good idea to coordinate the window treatment with other windows in the room. Just like any door in your home, sliding doors are typically high traffic areas. Therefore, it’s important to consider window treatments that can handle daily use.

What are the Best Window Treatments for Sliding Doors?

Since sliding doors open vertically, it’s recommended that their window treatments should open in the same direction as the door. Our suggestion for window treatments for sliding doors are:

  • Sliding Panels– Popular choice with a variety of fabrics, styles, and materials
  • Vertical Blinds– Offers light control
  • Vertical Cellular Shades- Offers energy efficiency

How Do You Measure for Window Treatments for a Door?

Measuring for window treatments for doors is similar to measuring for any regular shaped window.

  • If your door has a window molding, leave enough space both above and below the glass so the blinds can properly operate. As mounting hardware isn’t installed into the glass section, you’ll need to add proper clearance for the installation on top. You should add just a few inches to the height to allow for extra space for the hold down brackets below the glass.
  • If your door has a bullnose molding, it’s recommended to measure from the outside edge to outside edge of the window trim as it will provide the best coverage of your window.
  • If your door does not have molding around it:
    • Add approximately ½” to ¾” to the width, making sure to not interfere with the handles or locks.
    • For height, add 2” to the top and ½” to the bottom for the installation hardware and bottom hold down brackets.

If you are ready to get started creating custom window treatments for your doors, contact Innuwindow design specialists today!

Why Choose Top Down Bottom Up Shades and Blinds

Advancements in technology and design trends have brought on innovations to window treatments. Modern blinds and shades are more durable, functional and economical than ever before, not to mention features like motorization or blackout capabilities, which can improve everyday life. One of the latest and greatest design trends to conquer the industry are top down bottom up shades and blinds. Unlike traditional window treatments, top down bottom up treatments can not only be lifted from the bottom to the top but also from top to bottom.

Benefits of Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Top down bottom up shades and blinds offer unique advantages over standard window treatments, including:

  • Advanced Light ControlTop Down Bottom Up Hunter Douglas Shades- Boston, Ma- Innuwindow
    While a standard shade may help in reducing UV rays and glare from entering your home, their ability to control light is limited to being raised from the bottom to the top, which ultimately will give a full view of your home from the outside once it’s opened. With top down bottom up shades, you can allow light to enter your home without having to open the shades completely, which offers more in both aesthetics and functionality.
  • View and Light without Compromising Privacy
    Top down bottom up window treatments are perfect for rooms that require more privacy, yet still, need natural light. When the top half of the shades or blinds are opened, neighbors can’t see people inside, but the sun can still manage to get through. This kind of privacy is unmatched by other window treatments.
  • Temperature Control
    Top down bottom up shades can help keep a room at the ideal temperature. During the cold months, open just the top portion of the shades to let the sun filter in, which could help heat up the room.

Uses of Top Down Bottom Up ShadesTop Down Bottom Up Shades for Bathrooms Window Treatments- Innuwindow

Top down bottom up shades are unique. Therefore you may be wondering what’s the best way to use them in your home, here are some ideas:

  • Due to their unique privacy features, top down bottom up shades are ideal for bathroom and bedrooms where you want natural lighting but still require substantial privacy.
  • Top down bottom up shades are available in a wide array of colors, textures, and styles including honeycomb or cellular shades and woven woods and textures. Use top down bottom up shades to enhance the room’s décor.
  • In addition to being ideal for the bedroom due to their privacy features, honeycomb top down bottom up also help soundproof a room from any outside noise.

If you’re interested in adding custom top down bottom up shades to your home, contact us today or stop by our Natick showroom!

Guide to Measuring for Window Treatments

New window treatments can transform a room’s decor, offer insulation, control sunlight, and provide privacy. If you are ready for new window treatments and have decided on the functionalities and styles, the next step is to measure your windows. Window treatments require precise measurements to ensure the perfect fit; windows are hardly ever perfectly square or even alike in measurements. So, we will help walk you through how to measure for new blinds or shades in a few easy steps.

Note: The following window measuring instructions apply to most blinds and shades products, including wood blinds, roman shades, roller shades, solar shades, sheer shades, cellular shades, woven wood shades, and pleated shades. If you’re shopping for shutters, draperies, vertical blinds, arched window treatment, bay, bow or other specialty window treatments situations, contact us today for more information about our window treatment measurement and installation services.

Tools Necessary for Measuring for Window TreatmentsHow to Measure Windows for Blinds or Shades- Innuwindow

To ensure your window treatments are the perfect fit, it’s important that you have the most accurate measurements, and a steel measuring tape is the best way to get that. While you can collect measurements using a yardstick or cloth measuring tape, they won’t provide the necessary accuracy.

Keep in mind when measuring to round to the nearest ⅛”.

Choose a Mount for Your Window Treatments

Blinds or shades can be hung in two ways, either an inside mount or an outside mount. Before you collect your measurements, you’ll need to decide how your window treatments will be mounted.
With an inside mount, the window treatment is mounted inside the frame of the window with the brackets screwed attached to the top of the window casing.
With an outside mount, the window treatment will need to be larger in order to mounted outside the window frame.

How to Measure for an Inside Mount of Blinds or Shades

Measure the Width- You’ll want to start by measuring the width of your window at three place inside the frame- the top, middle, and bottom. Take note of theseGuide to Measuring Windows for an Inside Mount- Innuwindow numbers and do not make any deductions. If there is any variation between these three measurements, you’ll want to go with the smallest measurement to make sure that the blinds or shades clears the window frame without scraping the sides.
Measure the Height- Just like the width; you’ll want to measure the height of your window in 3 places- the left, center, and right- started from the window sill to the top of the window opening. If there is any variation between these three measurements, you’ll want to go with the tallest measurement to make sure that the blinds or shades cover the entire opening. Again, don’t make any deductions to the measurements, round to the nearest ⅛”.

How to Measure for an Outside Mount of Blinds or Shades

Measure the Width- There are two ways to outside mount blinds or shades, either to the trim around your window or to the wall above the window opening.
If you are mounting to the window trim, you’ll want to measure the width of the trim at the top of the window.
If you are mounting to the wall, measure the width at which you’d like the window treatments to be. We recommend adding around 2 to 3 inches to the window opening width.
Measure the Height
For windows with a protruding window sill, measure the height starting at the sill up to about 3 ½” above the top of your window allowing enough room for any mounting hardware.
For windows without a protruding sill, start your measurement about 2 to 3 inches below your window opening. Again, adding 3 ½” to the top. So, in total, you’ll be adding about 6 ½” to the actual height of your window opening.

When creating custom window treatments for your home, you’ll want to make sure they are the perfect fit, which requires exact measurement. The professional designers and window treatment installers at Innuwindow are always happy to help with the measuring process. Contact us today for more information!

When to Replace Old Window Treatments

The interplay of sunlight and shadow can create exciting effects in any room, and decorators know that window treatments are responsible for many of the most stunning and eye-catching room features. But, in the same way, old window treatments can detract from the room’s décor and date the entire look. An average “window treatment lifespan” is usually around seven years, and this post outlines the signs you should look for before replacing old window treatments.

Replace Old Window Treatments When You Notice a Draft

Especially in older homes, windows can be drafty. It can cost thousands of dollars to replace windows, but shades and curtains, installed When to Replace Window Treatments- Custom Window Treatments- Innuwindowcorrectly, can keep out drafts that rob your home of heat in the winter and let out the air conditioning in the summer. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, a snug window cornice and window hugging drapes can prevent as much as 10 to 30 percent of heat lost through windows. They suggest using at least two layers of curtains to create an airspace between them. This way, the inside drapery will stay the same temperature as the room. Another way to prevent drafts is to install shades or blinds on the inside of the window casing.

Sunlight streaming through a window causes heat, so in the summer it is wise to lower the shades, and in the winter keep them up during the day and lower them at night. The most energy efficient shades are honeycomb shaped and have a reflective white side which faces out.

A new window treatment on a drafty old window can not only enhance the décor, but it can also save on energy bills!

Replace Old Blinds when you Notice Warped Slats

Nothing draws the eye like an asymmetrical, warped or broken blind. Blinds warp because of blunt contact, humidity, or excessive temperature changes. Sometimes it is possible to fix a blind by taking it out of the window, disengaging the cords that hold the blind slats and replacing the slats. If this can’t be done, it is probably time to replace the old blinds. Broken blinds can bring down the look of an entire room, and are a clear indication of that it is time to replace this old window treatment!

Replace Old Window Treatments when it is Hard to Raise and Lower

Window treatments should be easy to raise or lower, open or close. They should function to keep the sun out or let it in. We’ve all seen the old cartoons of a window shade rolling up too quickly and trapping the cartoon animal inside. Don’t let this happen in your home. Another telltale sign of an old window treatment is a frayed cord, broken handle or broken tilt mechanism on a blind. If you are having difficulty operating your shades, drapes or blinds, it is likely time to replace those old window treatments.

Replace Old Window Treatments when they are discolored by the Sun

The sun not only fades brightly colored drapes, shades, sheers, and blinds, it also breaks down their composition. When window treatments are discolored or faded, they may not have the same structural integrity and could fall. Faded or discolored old window treatments are a clear indication that it is time for a replacement.

If you find yourself in the situation of needing a to replace old window treatments, you can always ask an expert Innuwindow decorator for help. Check out our custom window treatments to get ideas and move one step closer to replacing your old window treatments!

Window Treatment Options for Odd Shaped Windows

Window Treatment Options for Odd Shaped Windows- Innuwindow

Not all windows are the same; they can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on privacy needs and the position of the sun, every homeowner has different needs and goals for their window treatments. Finding the perfect window treatment for unusually shaped or large window can be a challenge. At Innuwindow, our expert designers work with you for customized window treatments to fulfill your needs and fit your irregular shaped windows perfectly, including:

Window Treatments for Large Windows

Large windows can let in a substantial amount of sunlight and provide clear views into your home. Due to their size, it may be challenging to find the right window treatment. Large windows require window treatments that are functional yet practical. Especially if you have a gorgeous view, you’ll want to have the ability to make your window treatment “disappear” to enjoy the vistas your large window provides.

For this reason, Roller Shades or Solar Shades are an ideal choice of window treatment for large windows. When raised, both Roller and Solar Shades roll up tightly at the top of your window, providing a virtually unobstructed view. Our custom shades always hang beautifully without creasing or flapping and are available with cordless and lift assist options.  Additionally, Solar Shades allow you to retain your view while having sun protection and varying levels of privacy.

In addition to shades, custom drapes also make for a great window treatment option for large windows, especially in more formal decors.

Arched Window Treatment Options Window Treatments for Arched Windows- Innuwindow

Do you have a sunburst, arched or eyebrow shaped window in your home? Don’t sacrifice style! Instead, coordinate or complement the window treatments you already have. Custom interior shutters or shades make for the best window treatments for arched, sunburst or eyebrow shaped windows and offer light and privacy protection.

Skylight Window Treatment Options

While skylights have many stylistic and design benefits, they can also let in unwanted heat and light from the outside and in winter they can be a major source of heat loss.   As skylights are on the roof of homes, they lay either horizontally or on a slant, which requires specifically designed tension or track shades. Consider Cellular Honeycomb shades with either a manual, switch or remote control lifting system for skylights. Honeycomb shades are known for being energy efficient due to their cell formation they can keep heat outside during summer and inside during the winter. They also are a great option for skylights because of their light filtering capabilities.

Window Treatments for Bay Windows Window Treatments for Bay Windows- Innuwindow

Bay windows are typically a focal point of a room and a large part of the architecture of a home. Therefore, they require a window treatment that highlights and draws attention to them. If you’re looking for a window treatment for bay windows that embellishes their appearance, consider:

  • Draperies– When placed on the ends of a bay window, drapery panels can widen the appearance of the window while unifying and defining their presence.
  • Valances– When placed above of a bay window, valances will visually connect the window while drawing attention to its unique three-dimensional area.

If you’re looking for a window treatment for bay windows that provide light and privacy control, consider:

All window treatments for bay windows should be measured and installed by a professional with great care so they fit correctly.

Wondering where to find window treatment ideas for odd shaped windows? Contact Innuwindow; we can help you create the perfect window treatment option for your home! Let our expert designers take care of the everything from measurement to installation for you, give us a call or stop by our Natick, MA showroom today.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Window Treatments

Prolong the life of your window treatments by properly cleaning and caring for them. Both readymade and custom window treatments from Innuwindow are designed to require minimal care, however regular upkeep is still necessary. Proper cleaning and care depends on the fabrics and construction of your window treatment. Check out our tips!

Safe Ways to Clean Your Window Treatments

When cleaning the actual window, spray glass cleaner directly on the cloth rather than the window to prevent  cleaning chemicals from damaging your window treatment.

Alternative Wood Blinds and Shutters

Wipe down alternative wood window treatments with dryer sheets to reduce static cling and repel dust. We do not recommend using any chemical or ultrasonic cleaning solvents as they may damage the product. When cleaning alternative wood shutters, use a mild soap on a damp rag and allow them to air dry.

Fabric Shades

Fabric Shades need to be periodically “dressed,” which involves steaming the fabric to achieve a uniform appearance along the full length of the shade. We recommend using a hand-held steamer on the lowest setting. To remove any dust or allergens, you may also use a vacuum on the lowest setting with a soft brush attachment. Do not place the brush attachment directly on the fabric to avoid damage.


Daily care for drapery panels can be simple; gently shake them out as they are drawn closed at night. This can help prevent dust and dirt from getting into the fibers. Every month or so use a vacuum on the lowest setting with a soft brush attachment. Pay special attention to the bottom half of the window treatments, as this is where most dust typically accumulates.


For lighter cleaning, gently shake your sheer drapes out to release any dust or allergens. You can also use a vacuum on the lowest setting with a soft brush attachment. Do not place the brush attachment directly on the fabric in order to avoid damage.  For a deeper clean, sheer window treatments should be professionally dry cleaned.

Wood Blinds

Lightly clean using a dry, soft feather duster or a clean cloth/ dusting mitt.  We do not recommend using any chemical or ultrasonic cleaning solvents as they may damage the product.

How often should I clean my window treatments?

Window treatments need to be regularly maintained to have them looking as great as they did when they were first installed. However, this key chore is often overlooked by many home-owners. Adding  your window treatments into your weekly cleaning routine will make it less of a chore. You should be periodically dusting them.

In addition to the weekly care you should occasionally give your window treatments a thorough  cleaning to eliminate and remove allergens. Window treatments act as a kind of filter between your home and the outdoors, so inevitability they can pick up dirt, pollens, pet dander and other allergens over time. This is especially true with fabric window treatments that are low to the floor like panels or drapes. Once your window treatments pick up allergens, they can impact the air quality of your home. As the air blows in through the windows, it’ll unsettle the allergens, which will cause them to circulate throughout your home. The perfect time to schedule a deep cleaning for your window treatment is during your spring cleaning routine.


Innuwindow- Caring and Cleaning Window Treatment INFOGRAPHIC- March 2017


If you still are unsure about the proper care/cleaning for your window treatments, contact us today for help!

How to Dress a Kitchen Window

Replacing old, or boring kitchen curtains for new eye-catching kitchen window treatments can brighten up the room instantly. Use your window treatment to draw attention to a window with a great view or tie the windows into the room’s decor. Textures and eye-catching patterns can achieve a modern look for your kitchen. Whatever window treatment you choose, it should enhance your kitchen’s décor, color and design.

Kitchen Window Treatments- Innuwindow

The material you choose for your kitchen window treatment makes a big difference in how easy is it to maintain it. Anything near the stove or a sink can absorb odors or soak up splatters. Be sure to keep this in mind when shopping for your kitchen window treatments. For example, most shutters and shades can easily be wiped down with soapy water. However, maintenance gets more tedious with heavy fabric draperies.

 Natural light is also important in the kitchen. Current design trends tend to lighten things up. If your kitchen is small, choosing a light kitchen window treatment with cool colors can make your kitchen appear larger and brighter.



Popular Kitchen Window Treatments Options

Roman Shades

Did you know that Roman Shades were originally invented in Rome as a way to keep the hot dry street dust from entering peoples homes? Women of the houses then started getting creative and dressing up their homes with Roman shades as a symbol of status. If you want to add a little color or pattern to your kitchen as well as privacy, roman shades are the perfect window treatment choice to embrace or enhance your kitchen’s décor.

Bamboo Blinds /Woven Shades

Bamboo and woven texture shades seem to be popping up everywhere. They have become a popular choice for window treatments because they are classy, visually appealing and add warmth to any space.


If you are searching for a kitchen window treatment that will not sacrifice natural lighting, valances are a great choice. Unlike other window treatment options, valances can bring color or style without eliminating the natural light that is important for kitchens.


Shutters have become a popular window treatment because they can bring a classic and inviting look to any room. They work well with any kitchen décor from cottage style to traditional. Shutters are a great choice for your kitchen because they are easy to clean and do not absorb heat or moisture.

Most likely your kitchen is the hardest-working room in your home. Therefore, your kitchen window treatments need to be durable. When choosing a kitchen window treatment, it’s important to think about can withstand heat and moisture while still giving you’re the function and style you need. At Innuwindow, our designers will work with you to create the perfect window treatment that will exceed your wants and needs.

Current Trends in Window Treatments

Deciding on new window treatments often turns into a design challenge. Avoid the stress and hassle by learning about what you really want and need from a window treatment. If it’s time to shed some new light on your home or you are starting from scratch, we’ve put together a list of the current window treatment trends to give you a start in the right direction.

1. Organic Materials

Eco-friendly and organic materials are trendy right now, and it’s no different for window treatments. Bamboo is a popular fabric choice for shades because of its ability it to let in diffused light while still protecting your privacy. Bamboo shades are a great fit for any room’s décor.

2. Wider Drapes

A current trend is to make your windows look wider by installing your drapery rods and panels so they extend beyond your windows.   You can use multiple panels on each side to keep the treatment from looking too skimpy.

3. Plantation Shutters

Shutters aren’t just for the exterior of your home; indoor plantation shutters are one of the most popular trends in window treatments right now. Plantation shutters can lend a traditional look with very little effort while adding value to your home. They also are a great choice for light control and energy efficiency.

Current Window Treatments Trends- Plantation Shutters4. Roman Shades

Roman shades have always been a favorite for a variety of decorating styles from classic to contemporary. Their flat surfaces and clean lines make them eye-catching while making a dramatic impact on the appearance of your windows.

5. Updated Sheers

Sheers still remain a popular choice for windows. They add a decorative touch to any room while filtering out just the right amount of light. Sheer curtains are great for the summertime and will instantly brighten up any room.

Update Your Current Window Treatment

At Innuwindow, we offer a wide variety of custom and readymade window treatments, including classic looks and cutting-edge trends. If you are looking to make a change in your home’s décor and are in the market for new window treatments, contact our designers today!

Ways to Childproof Your Home

Did you know that household injuries are one of the top reasons children visit the emergency room every year? Childproofing your home is essential to your child’s safety. Prevention can eliminate nearly all of the possible injuries. Be prepared by childproofing nurseries, bathrooms, kitchen or any area of your home that could possibly be a treat to your child. Take the necessary safety measures to ensure that your child is safe in your home.

  • – Any poisonous household products or medicine, place in cabinets or drawers with safety latches to keep them out of reach of children.
  • – Put reminder stickers from poison prevention centers on hazardous items and always keep the poison center phone number (1-800-222-1222) somewhere visible.
  • Child Safety Tips
  • – When using the stove, use the back burners, turn all pot handles away from the front of stove and out of reach of children
  • – Place safety gates at both the top and bottom of all stairways and in doorways of any rooms with potential hazards.
  • – Always keep all unused electrical outlets covered with safety caps or outlet protectors.
  • – Install locks on your toilets to help keep their lids closed. Small children are more top-heavy than adults and can easily lean and fall into toilets. Children can also drown in as little as one-inch of water.
  • – Prevent furniture like bookcases and shelving from tipping over by storing heavier items on the bottom shelves or drawers.
  • – Window blinds with looped cords are strangulation hazards for small children. All window treatments purchased before 2001 should be repaired or replaced with child safe cordless blinds. At Innuwindow, we provide the safest cordless blinds with lift technology to ensure a safe environment for your children.
  • Cordless Blinds
  • It’s important to remember that childproofing you home can never be 100% effective in prevent household injuries. Supervise your children at all times.

The Benefits of Blackout Curtains

If you are in the market for new curtains for your home, particularly curtains for a bedroom, you should consider the benefits of blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are a very practical choice that will provide you with better sleep while saving you money. If you have young children, these curtains are particularly important to consider. Blackout curtains will enhance any bedroom or living space.

The biggest benefit of blackout curtains is their ability to block light from entering a room. This is important for young children and people who work overnight shifts. Sleeping during the day can be difficult because of the sunlight; however, blackout curtains state that they can stop up to 99% of sunlight from entering into a room. People who work overnight shifts are at risk for health problems due to their irregular sleeping habits. Switching to blackout curtains in your bedroom will reduce health risk by creating an ambience of night.

Alternatively, blackout curtains are ideal for creating complete darkness that you desire in your TV/movie room. They will block out any light that might ruin your home theater movie night. It’s important when purchasing your blackout curtains that you make sure they are big enough, so they can fully cover your window from top to bottom.

Another benefit of blackout curtains is their ability to reduce your energy costs. In most homes, 10-25% of thermal energy loss is from windows. However, with blackout curtains, your energy bill could be reduced up to 25%. During the winter, blackout curtains will help keep the heat in the room. While in summer, they have the ability to reflect heat out of the room. Both circumstances ensure that you are saving money on your energy expenses.

Blackout Shades and Blinds

Similar to blackout curtains, blackout shades and blinds are the perfect choice for covering smaller windows. The benefits of black shades and blinds are comparable to those of blackout curtains. However, blackout blinds give you control over how much light enters the room.

Blackout curtains provide a surprising difference to any room and are a worthwhile investment. Before purchasing blackout curtains, take the time to research reviews for any blackout curtains you are considering, in order to be sure they will satisfy your needs.

Innuwindow has a variety of blackout curtains, shades and blinds that will suit your specific light sensitive needs.

Blackout Curtain Benefits- Innuwindow